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Group constitutes panel to investigate discrimination against Christians in UK

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A group, Voice for Justice UK (CfJ), has constituted a panel to investigate the nature and extent of discrimination against Christians in the European country.

The group launched the commission of inquiry after it carried out a survey of 1,500 Christians. The survey had found out that there was hostility and ridicule of Christians in the UK.

Christened “Commission of Inquiry into Discrimination Against Christians (CIDAC),” the panel which was launched last week, has members selected based on their experience and expertise in human rights and equality issues.

The panel was tasked with “investigating impartially the nature, context and state of discrimination faced by Christians in the UK.”

“Is freedom and tolerance for everyone or only for some? If Christians can be silenced, who next?” Chief Executive Officer of VfJ, Lynda Rose, said.

CIDAC has already sent out invitations for submission from Christians who have suffered discrimination, injustice, stigma or hostility while hearing will open to the public soon.


Findings of Survey

In the survey preceding the setting up of the panel, over half of the respondents below 35 years said they had experienced hostility and ridicule for discussing their faith while less than half 45 per cent felt able to express their views in their places.

Also, a fifth of the respondents believe discrimination against Christians was taken seriously as other forms of discrimination.

Other respondents reported lack of freedom of speech around LGBT issues.

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