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Muslim father kills daughter in Uganda for accepting Jesus Christ


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A Muslim father in Uganda, Haji Shariifu Agaba, has killed his daughter for accepting Jesus Christ as her saviour, Morning Star News has reported.

The 28-year old Hawa Amoti of Nansana Wakiso District in Central Uganda was stabbed in the eyes by her father which led to her death on May 29, the day she accepted Jesus.

Amoti converted to Christianity following several dream encounters she had with Jesus.

She had visited a believer living in the neighbourhood on the morning of that day and sought to know more of Jesus, who is called Issa by Muslims.

“Amoti came to our home very early in the morning and needed to know more of Issa (Jesus), who she has seen in a dream. After explaining to her about eternal life and forgiveness of sin that comes from Jesus who came to take away the sins of the whole world, she willingly accepted Jesus for the salvation of her soul. I then prayed for her and then together we went to church in Nansana,” the neighbour narrated.

He further said Amoti joined his family for lunch after the church service and stayed till about 5.45pm before returning home. Upon getting home, she was beaten and her eyes removed with a sharp knife by her father and some of her siblings who were waiting for her having learnt that she was at a church worshipping Jesus.

“I want to remove these eyes so that you stop seeing churches forever. Even if you die, we are not going to bury you,” Agaba was quoted by one of his sons as saying.

Following the attack, Amoti wailed and screamed, which attracted neighbours who tried to rescue her, the Christian neighbour narrated. And as more residents of the community got to the scene, Agaba and his sons who carried out the attack went inside their house.

However, some of the residents got a vehicle and took Amoti to a nearby hospital where she reportedly bled profusely to death. Amoti has since been buried in Luwero District by church members.

Members of the community, who condemned the incident, have reportedly vowed to arrest and charged Agaba to court.



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